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We value our customers' experience at Canine Head Start. Below are some client testimonials we wanted to share.

Dahna & Ben Virgilio 
Thier dog: Summer - Goldendoodle

"I really liked the size of the class better here at Canine Head Start. Four - six dogs gave the instructor a better chance to focus on each dog's personality and address issues while not taking too much away from other members of the class." 

Jerry Friedman
His Dog: Beowulf - Standard Poodle

I have trained at other facilities and found better instruction and more individual attention here at Canine Head Start.

Megan Fogarty
Her Dog: Finnegan - Golden Retriever

"Whether the instructor (Elise) has us working individually with our dogs or working with our dogs as a group or in pairs, I always benefited from the in depth response to questions. Elise always answered all questions from any of us with patience and depth. I learned from everything anyone asked only because of the instructor's thorough responses. The very first thing I learned is that I was here to train myself - not my dog. This is so true. So much fun...can't wait for puppy grad school!"

Jan Eidelson
Her Dog: Shine - Miniture Poodle

"I have trained at other facilities in the past and I found Elise's sensitivity to the dogs excellent. My favorite parts of class were playtime for the dogs, understanding dog behavior, and seeing the potential and possibilities of Shine. I also liked that Elise would address any behavior problems even if they weren't part of the training."

Deb Jurek
Her Dog: Daisy - Boxer

"Canine Head Start was far superior to the class I took at another facility.The class size is smaller and there is more individualized attention here.. All of Daisy and my needs were met. Elise is very good at addressing the whole classes' needs and is available either before or after class for more attention" 

Tracey & Joe Follansbee
Their Dogs: Tanner & Cloe - Corgi

"We loved every aspect of classes. Thank you for grouping smaller dogs together for play sessions. Elise is great...we are fortunate to be associated with Canine Head Start."

Chris White & Mike Jercinouic
Their Dog: Baily - Belgium Shepherd

"Thank you so much for your insight Elise. We appreciate your working with Baily privately for a few sessions so he could learn how to focus in the training room. All 3 of us learned a lot and you solved a big problem!"

Daniel Pepin
Their Dog: Meko - Rhodesian Ridgeback

"The facilities at Canine Head Start were nicer than other facilities we have visited, and the small number in our class helped us receive instruction tailored to me and my dog.My goals for Puppy Kindergarten were met and we learned a lot of basic skills to reinforce and build on. I think the socialization of the puppies was done really well. It was clearly a part of the program, and it was conducted with watchful concern for those dogs that were more rambunctious than others."

Katie Baird
Her Dog: Loki - German Shepherd Dog

"I like the smaller classes, it allows for more direct attention to each dog. I like the focus at Canine Head Start of working respectfully with the dogs. Seeing Loki grow and learn and become a more outgoing dog was one of my favorite things of class. The respectful, loving way Elise has with canines and her understanding of how they communicate was just great!" 

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