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Elise believes strongly in education and the value of mentorship. As an academic with strong ties to both University of Pennsylvania and the University of Massachusetts, Elise knows the importance of finding and working with a good mentor.  She had worked with some of the most influential people in the field of animal behavior (see bio) and she loves to share the knowledge she has gained over past 20+ years working with companion animals. Internships are available to serious students of companion animal behavior.

Interns will learn firsthand in the classroom setting as well as during private training and behavior sessions. Elise offers hands-on experience, simulated case studies, a reading list with required written work, and tutorials in canine management and husbandry, course planning and design, communication skills and business development.   

Interested applicants should anticipate a realistic time commitment of 15-20 hrs/week. The program is heavy on assigned reading as well as hands on application, attendance at classes and individual sessions is a requirement and the final project involves both writing and teaching.

Fee: 16-week program $2000 (may be made in 4 installments).

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